2014 Fitness Centre Survey Results

The ANU Sport Fitness Centre survey was conducted to provide feedback from direct users and potential customers in the areas of facility, equipment and customer service satisfaction. With the guidance of ANU Sport management and fitness centre staff, the survey was developed to consolidate our knowledge of what is working well, what may require improvement and uncover additional concerns. Further benefits of the survey include:

·         ‘Crowdsourcing’ of ideas 

·         Identification of potential upgrades to the facilities that require attention

·         Identification of potential upgrades in equipment

·         Addition/removal of gym programs and/or group fitness classes

·         Long-term infrastructure projects


The primary objective of the 2014 survey was to ‘achieve a response rate equivalent to, or greater than, 15% of our current membership base’, which equates to approximately 400 members. Casual and non-members were also encouraged to complete the survey to assist ANU Sport in identifying market trends that may exist externally. The survey, open for 4 weeks over August and September, finished with a total of 878 participants.


Survey Key Findings: