ANU Jujutsu Club

The Australian National University Jujutsu Club (ANUJJC) introductory course is a great way to learn traditional Japanese jujutsu. This martial art originated during Japan’s feudal era and its purpose was to defend against armed and unarmed opponents. No previous martial arts experience is necessary. The training is not directed towards competition; instead you will work together in a cooperative environment to learn and improve your abilities.

The training we provide is suitable for men and women – you will learn basic self-defence and situational awareness; improve your self-confidence and physical conditioning; and be taught methods of striking, locking the joints, take-downs, grappling, throwing and falling safely. The ANUJJC is a member of the International Jujutsu Institute (IJJI), and has been affiliated with the ANU since 1976.

How to get involved:

Club Contact: anuatijji [dot] org