ANU Women's Hockey Club

The Australian National University Women’s Hockey Club operates as part of the ANU Sports and Recreation Association. Anyone is welcome to play for ANUWHC! The majority of members are in the 18-26 year age group, but we also value our long standing club veterans.

ANUWHC competes in all levels of the Hockey ACT women’s competition, from 1st grade right through to 6th grade. In 2018 ANUWHC will be fielding 8 teams. Each year the club has members selected to play for representative and national teams.

ANUWHC has the cheapest club fees in Canberra for university students, and an outstanding social life and opportunities to build community networks. ANUWHC is a large club giving the opportunity to play hockey at any standard, and we have a committee dedicated to making your hockey experience fun and rewarding.

How to get involved:

Club Contact: anuwhcatgmail [dot] com