Student Athlete Profile- Caitlin Grange

What is your sport? 


How many hours per week do you spend training/playing?


What study are you undertaking at ANU? What year of study are you in? 

Bachelor of Science (Psychology) (Comp Sci), 3rd

How do you juggle the commitments of playing sport and studying?

Still figuring this out!

Does sport assist you in your academic pursuits?


Greatest sporting achievement.

Being selected for the Bluebottles (Australian mixed u24s)

What is your long term sporting goal?

To continue becoming stronger and fitter.

Who has had the greatest influence on your sporting career thus far?

Everyone in ANU Ultimate Club where I started playing Ultimate.

Who is your sporting idol & why?

Cat Phillips. She has an incredible play style.

Any superstitions or unusual game day preparations?

Not really. Although I have specific socks that I prefer to wear.

Tell us something interesting or fascinating about yourself.

The right side of my chin has been numb for over a month because of nerve damage during wisdom teeth surgery.

Favourite Music Artist:

Glass Animals

If you found yourself on Masterchef and had to cook one dish to win it all, what would your specialty dish be?

Pancakes with bacon, blueberries/strawberries/bananas, vanilla ice-cream, and maple syrup.