Student Athlete Profile- Jarrah Day


What is your sport?


How many hours per week do you spend training/playing?

Averaging 9 hours, but varying on what other work load I have and training and competition opportunities.

What study are you undertaking at ANU? What year of study are you in? 

First year, double degree of Bachelor of Mathematical Science and Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics.

How do you juggle the commitments of playing sport and studying?

I have to be very organised, and it’s definitely tough to keep up my training regime when big assessments are due. I won’t deny that my solution (foolishly) is often sleep deprivation!

Does sport assist you in your academic pursuits?

It is really important for me to do a variety of things throughout my day, sport really assists in allowing me to have an outlet for something entirely separate and different from studying.

Greatest sporting achievement.

Making the national team 3 times, best result is probably 3rd in Australia Sprint Distance Championships 2016 in Open Class.

What is your long term sporting goal?

Currently I am aiming towards both 2018 and 2020 World University Championships. Longer term potentially the World Championships, although there are about to be some major format changes so that is still tentative.

Who has had the greatest influence on your sporting career thus far?

My father, he has done a huge variety of sports and has been a huge inspiration and support. “Remember - most fun wins!”

Any superstitions or unusual game day preparations?

I always splash water on my face prior to going into the start blocks as a cue to bring myself into race focus.

Tell us something interesting or fascinating about yourself

In my spare time I am an avid fire twirler and unicyclist.

Favourite Music Artist:

Sigur Rós

If you found yourself on Masterchef and had to cook one dish to win it all, what would your specialty dish be:

Roasted Beetroot and Feta Risotto


Post Competition Report

In June I travelled to Finland to train for my final Junior World Orienteering Championships. I have previously run for a local club, Tampereen Pyrintö. I once again joined them for their regional championships, Grano Games, and for Jukolan Viesti – the biggest orienteering relay in the world which has been going since the 1940s. I really enjoyed training and competing with this club, I have developed many close friendships with Finnish athletes through running for this club, and have very sentimental feelings from the 3 months I have spent in Finland over the past 2 years.
I was able to train really well during this time, however my base fitness was definitely affected significantly by illness earlier in the year.

I learned a lot technically during this time and I have no doubt these navigational advances in Scandinavian terrain will be beneficial to all future competition.

I spent two weeks training with the other Australians before the competition, which was really fun and I felt like we were a really close team. For the competition week there was an athlete village which was right next to a lake, which was a stunning place to spend our down time and we had the chance to meet and get to know many amazing people from other countries. Despite lots of decent training and feeling quite comfortable in the terrain, my results were quite disappointing. I was on track for A-final qualification in the Middle, but made a major mistake near the end of the race which took me out of contention. The sprint was a similar story, where I unfortunately received the wrong map at the change over losing an irrecoverable amount of time. I was happier with the long and relay, finishing in 80th in the long and putting my team in 40th in the relay. However these performances were still down on the runs I was having in training, and overall I was unhappy with this competition. In terms of team results, there were two stand-out performances. In his debut JWOC a fellow Tasmanian who I have run with many times locally had a sensational race in the sprint achieving a top 20. Our youngest team member also had a great run in the long with a top 30.

The team atmosphere was really fantastic this year, and although many of us were somewhat disappointed with our runs it was really enjoyable socially and the terrain was lovely. I am very fond of Finland, and really enjoyed my time there. While I did not perform as well as I hoped, I still feel very driven and hope to compete in the World Universtity Championships, and a World Cup in this coming year.