Indoor Halls & Courts

All ANU Sport facilities will need to be booked prior to use, no walk-in bookings or phone bookings will be permitted. Prior to using any ANU facility, the user group will need to provide ANU Sport with a COVID-Safe Return to Play Plan, outlining the activities they wish to recommence, and the risk mitigation tools that have been implemented to ensure they are operating in a safe environment for all their players. You can make a Booking via our Booking PageThis plan must be submitted no less than three business days prior to your intended booking. 

It is important to note that without approval of your plan and a booking confirmation, you will be unable to commence use of ANU Sport facilities. This is a requirement of all bookings as it formed part of ANU Sport’s COVID Safe Reopening plan to the University and is essential to allow activity to take place in our facilities. 

Please ensure you have read our Terms and Conditions, and for Oval bookings that your request is submitted no later than seven business days prior to the requested date.

Sports Halls

Sports hall and court

We have 4 basketball courts housed within our Sports Halls. These are some of the most popular facilities on campus used by students and members for court-based sports such as Basketball, Netball, Futsal, Badminton, and Table Tennis.




Squash Courts

ANU Sport has two squash courts located in Building 19. Please note: Racquet and ball-hire is currently unavailable.




Climbing Walls

ANU Sport has two indoor climbing walls—an inclined wall with coloured grips and a traditional-style wall with embedded rock grips. The walls are hugely popular here at ANU with our Mountaineering and Caving Clubs! Before you can use the climbing walls, please ensure you are a member of our Mountaineering or Caving Clubs with a current belay pass.


Tennis Courts

ANU Sport has six (6) tennis courts available for use. Four synthetic grass courts are located next to South Oval and the Law School, and additional courts located at Old Canberra House and Mills Road. Please note: racquet and ball hire is currently unavailable. Tennis balls are available for purchase from reception.




Cricket Nets

ANU Sport has six (6) cricket nets for hire. All six nets are located at South Oval.