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Ready to make a booking? Awesome – just make sure that you’ve read our Terms and Conditions before you complete this form.

All booking requests will receive a response within 24 business hours. If you do not receive a response within this time frame, please call reception on 02 6125 2273 to follow up on the status of your booking request. If you would like to make a booking on the weekend, please call reception on 6125 2273. If you are looking to make a booking for the next 24 hours, please call reception on 6125 2273 rather than using this form, as it will allow us to reach you sooner.

All oval bookings (grass and synthetic) require at least 7 days notice prior to the booking date requested. Note that our ovals are generally closed during March/April and September/October for maintenance each year. 

ANU students must have a valid ANU student card to receive the ANU student rate and the majority of all participants must be ANU students. If your booking is for Willows Oval or any Tennis Court, you will need to bring in a photo ID to exchange for an access card. We also have equipment available for hire and photo ID will also be required in exchange for these.

If you would like to enquire about a regular or one-off event booking request please email us at

If you wish to cancel or change any bookings, you are required to advise ANU Sport via email with at least 24 hours’ notice for casual bookings. Changes or cancellations over the phone must be confirmed by e-mail. Users will be expected to pay for the use of facilities if they do not cancel within the stipulated time frame, as this does not allow sufficient time for the vacant time to be filled.

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