Lunchtime Sport: Mid-Season Report

As we pass the halfway point of the Lunchtime sport competitions, teams begin to gear up for the finals. 

In the Six-Aside soccer competition Division 1 is fiercely contested. As it currently stands Expected Toulouse are in top sport but hot on their heels is Puyol Pants Down, only one win behind are The Last Minutes, ANU 2021, and Roshan’s Jelly Brain. In Division 2 Co-op Potato and Ac Alittiesilhouetta of Milan are both undefeated after 5 rounds and will be tough to match. Find all the ladders HERE

In the Futsal Division 1 leaders Sam Caters FC (despite Sam being on exchange) and Why No People are streaking ahead. J.A.S.O.N.S are within striking distance with only the sole loss. In Division 2, Egg Soup and Football Club FC are undefeated, however Deep Squad and Boban are well and truly keeping pace with only one narrow loss each separating the teams. Find the ladders HERE

The Ultimate Disc competition is incredibly tight. Hogans Heros holds a narrow lead over UFO and Bruce Hall 1, with Burgmann Beavers, Adventures of Huckleburry Spin and the Griff Discs all in the mix. With Two rounds to go and the competition this close anything can happen. Find the ladders HERE

Touch football has been dominated by the ANU Bears club this year. Sitting in spots 2-3 in Division 1 is a strong position for the club to be in however with the Bean Bitters nipping at their heels they will need to stay on top of their game if they want to secure a clean sweep. In Division 2 TBA and the Wu Tang Clan are taking it to the Bearlievers and Bearz Grylls. Find the ladders HERE