Main Gym Rearrangement

On the 25th of September the Main Gym in the ANU Sport Fitness Centre had a make-over.

It was decided the gym needed improvement in the flow of the area and make the equipment more accessible and safe for members to operate.


The lower body pin loaded machines can now be found to the back of the gym, whilst the majority of the upper body pin loaded machines are on the left hand side of the room.

Lower Body Pin Loaded Machines


Upper Body Pin Loaded Machines


The free weight area has also been opened up leaving more space to perform activities safely.


Free Weight Area


We appreciate any feedback or suggestions to improve the centre. You can contact or visit


Reminders if you are entering the Fitness Centre:

  1. Members must use towels on all mats and training equipment.
  2. Members must not bring bags into the Main gym area
  3. Members must be wearing enclosed shoes whilst training
  4. Members must scan their valid membership card at Reception before entering the Main Gym, Strength & Conditioning or Group Fitness Classes.