My First Time... At BodyAttack

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SPOTLIGHT: Dan tells us about his first ever class

Welcome to the “My First Time…” series! I’m Ria and I cover all things social media and digital content here at ANU Sport. Like you, I’m moving through my fitness journey, trying to find the work out that works out for me. Through this series, I’m hoping to share insights and learn about the classes we offer. We'll get to know the group fitness instructors and learn about their first time attending the class they’re now teaching. Hopefully by the end of this, we’ll know what to expect, so we can be prepared, comfy and excited for our first time!

First up today, we have Dan!

I meet Dan after exchanging a couple of emails with him about this campaign. He loves the idea and is really complimentary about my work, so I’m excited to meet him. I start off our interview with some small talk (Dan’s working from home right now and had a nice walk in to ANU Sport). He has a relaxed confidence, and is really easy to talk to. My first question is an introduction to get the ball rolling; Who are you?

“I’m Dan, I teach BodyAttack here at ANU Sport. I just fell in love with the program and after a year of participating I wanted to take it to the next level and signed up for (instructor) training. I’ve been instructing a year and a half.”

To get to know Dan better, I ask for a few rates and hates. Here they are:

“Rates: sunny weather, the outdoors, hanging out with friends
Hates: Canberra winters, rain, snow”

Next up, we jump into it: Tell us about your first time taking a BodyAttack class

“It was awkward! It was a big studio, it was a launch of BodyAttack 99. I was like ‘that looks exciting’, but it was tough. Probably second track in I was huffing and puffing.”

Dan laughs, “I was going the wrong way – everyone was going right while I was going left. I definitely remember running into people because it was a crowded room. I didn’t know what the moves were, and there’s a bit of jargon (that I didn’t understand)”

“It was hard, but I just had loads of fun. I actually went back the next day. I just really loved it.”

He explains, “Especially with group fitness training, you do it because there’s other people training with you. It really adds to the fun and vibe and enjoyment of the class that there’s other people smiling along with it, with you”

Next, we chat about what people can expect from their first class with Dan.

“It’s cardio based so there’s running, there’ll be jumps, lunges, jumping lunges, jumping jacks, squats, burpees, tuck jumps, pushups. It’s an all around workout.” He jokes that “every day’s a leg day with BodyAttack”.

Dan’s been doing BodyAttack for a while now, and credits his fitness to it, “People who knew me from two or three years ago (are surprised). I lost twenty kilos and it’s all because of BodyAttack”

We talk about going to a class as someone who’s new to working out, and Dan is real but reassuring, “Just like any first class, it’ll be hard. At least initially you’ll be wondering what’s going on but as long as you keep moving (you’ll be alright). You might feel really self-conscious that you’re doing it wrong but no one is (watching). Everyone’s in the zone, and focussing on their workout.”

To wrap up our chat, I ask if he has any tips and tricks so that people get the most out of their first session. He has a couple of good ones. Firstly, “Be there early. Introduce yourself to the instructor maybe. Being there early is good so you don’t end up with the front spot (where everyone is looking at you) or really far back where you can’t see the instructor.”

Dan also suggests that you “Bring a friend. You can laugh together (during the first session)”. Dan says he thrived off competition, so a friend helps there too.

We’ve had a nice chat, and as much as I hate cardio training, I might go to a BodyAttack class soon.

BodyAttack runs on Wednesday at 5:30pm, Thursday at 12:15pm and Sunday at 10:15am. Find all of our group fitness classes here: