Interhall Sport Competition

The ANU Interhall Sports Organisation (ISO) is the body responsible for the residential college/hall social sport competition at the Australian National University (ANU). The organisation is an assembly of the sports representatives from each of the eight residential halls at the ANU.

The ISO plans, promotes, administrates and runs all residential sporting competitions, placed throughout the academic year. These sports contribute towards the annual ANU Interhall Sports Shield, a long-standing tradition. Representing thousands of residents, the ISO is the largest sporting organisation at the ANU. It is an affiliated body with ANU Sport and works closely with the ANU Students Association (ANUSA), the Heads of Halls and Interhall Council.

The ISO defines itself around a friendly competition between halls and colleges in a relaxed environment where unsporting-like behaviour is not tolerated. All college students are encouraged to get involved, regardless of experience or skill level. Residential sport allows students to get a break from the lecture theatre and participate in sports they already enjoy or to try something new.

Term 1: Lawn Bowls, Road Relay, Touch, Disc and Volleyball

Term 2: Rugby 7s, AFL 9s, Hockey and Basketball

Term 3: AFL, Netball, Table Tennis and Soccer

Term 4: Softball, Badminton, Social Cricket, Tennis and IB


ON-CAMPUS RESIDENTIAL STUDENTS: To participate in this competition - please get in touch with your residential hall's sports representatives!

NON-RESIDENTIAL STUDENTS: For those who live off campus and would like to participate - you can join the "virtual hall" Griffin Hall to do so.

Use this link to view their web-page for more information.


For more, please visit the ISO Facebook.