National University Championships

Love playing sport? Want to challenge yourself against other Universities around Australia, and make new friends while doing it? 

Australian University Sport provides you with that opprtunity in the form of the National University Championships. The National Championships are conducted across two separate events, Division 1 and Division 2, and are designed to give student-athletes the chance to compete for their University in a fun and competitive environment. You can find out more information a the Australian University Championships website. 

Division 2 will be held during July 1st - July 5th.

Division 1 will be held during September 22nd - September 27th.

Able to compete at a number of the brand new Commonwealth Games facilities, the Gold Coast provides an excellent back drop for the National Championships and a fantastic destination to represent the ANU Owls!

If you are interested in joining a team and becoming an Owl, please reach out to the relevant ANU Sport Club or contact ANU Sport! 

For more information about these events please contact ANU Sport, Sport Performance Coordinator, Lindsay Burrows.

What They Said!

 Emma Carlin - Softball

 Green & Gold Representative

"Participating at AUGs was an unforgettable experience not only because of the connection and friendships that were made within the team as well as with other university teams, but also because the competition was a great mix of being competitive yet remaining social and enjoyable. The girls in my team were such great fun and all got along so well which made the experience what it was. I think the thing I enjoyed seeing the most was that no matter what the skill level or university you attend, sports can unify people from all backgrounds. Additionally, the social program and activities definitely encourage everyone to mingle and meet new people which is a great aspect of the games." 

Nick Wodzinski - Soccer

 ANU Team Captain

"Uni Games offers an experience unlike any other. It has given me the opportunity to make new friends outside of my coursework and soccer club. Uni Games provides a setting for experienced and new athletes to celebrate sport together. It offers students a pathway in to sport that is social, inclusive and easy to pursue, and can set them up to join clubs at ANU when they return from the games."


Rebecca Beath - Touch

 ANU Team Captain

"Having attended 4 uni games in my 2 years of study I can safely say it's one of the highlights of my university experience. As if spending a week playing sport wasn't fun enough, add onto that the social program every night, you've got yourself one of the best weeks of your life! Having also made plenty of lifelong friends at uni games along the way, I'd have to say it's an event everyone should attend at least once during their studies."

Katrina Cornelly - Fencing

“Uni Games is the highlight of my competition year. It allows me to get off campus, but still be surrounded by friends. From the past four Uni Games, I’ve brought home half a dozen medals in all, but more importantly made a number of friendships lounging under trees waiting for out sweat-soaked uniforms to air dry in the Queensland heat. Through attending, I've improved my time management, team work skills and fencing tactics. I would recommend University Games to anyone who wishes to get involved in sport while attending university.”

Sam Miller - Table Tennis

"The attraction of attending AUG’s is that you are able to participate in a sport you love, against a variety of competitors of high skill all around Australia. It’s a fantastic week full of social events and intense competition with plenty to do outside of the sport you are involved with. You also get the chance to make new friends from other universities, but most importantly you do it because you are passionate about it."

Stephanie Pollard - Athletics

 “My first Australian Uni Games was a fantastic experience. It was an opportunity to compete in a national event, which are few and far between once you leave junior-aged athletics. Competing against some of the best athletes from universities right across Australia was a great challenge and has motivated me to return and achieve higher next year.”

Georgina Ims - Rowing

 “As a 1st year student, this was the first time I have participated in the Australian University Rowing Regatta. It provided me with a fantastic opportunity to compete against some of the country’s best upcoming rowers in world class facilities. Significant time went into preparing for the event, which can only be a positive for my fitness and performances during the season. I am excited to return to the Australian Uni Games next year with a greater understanding of the demands required to compete at a national level.”