Sports Conditioning Preparation

Sports Conditioning Preparation

Starting to think about training for your sport of choice and the dreaded commitment to off/pre-season training? No matter whether you are playing sport at a social level or have aspirations to achieve at the highest level, there are some basic principles that you can utilise.

The basis of any strength and conditioning program is to optimise development of the physical characteristics required for the sport, such as strength, power, speed, aerobic and anaerobic capacity; however this can be a complicated task to ensure all requirements are developed without resultant decreases in performance (Corcoran & Bird, 2012).

Therefore, a delicate balance between the key training variables, such as duration, intensity, type of training and total volume must be considered. A periodised program is essential to optimise performance and allows for the establishment and monitoring of training load and implements adequate recovery to avoid excess fatigue and possible overtraining. It is a common error to neglect or place less significance on recovery in the program, resulting in an insufficient balance in stress/fatigue and recovery.

The relationship between the athlete and trainer is important due to the individualised differences in ability to tolerate hard training. As sport participants, you need to “listen to your body” and have open communication with your trainer to get the best results in your program and the season ahead.

If you want to get the jump start on your season, come and see us at the ANU Sport gym and we can assist by designing an individualised program, or getting you involved in some Small Group Training sessions where the group dynamic provides the encouragement and support during the difficult initial phases of getting started in 2014/15.

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