Student Athlete Profile - James Byers

James Byers



What is your Sport? 

Ice Hockey


What degree are you studying at ANU?

Science (Major in Biology)


What year of study are you currently completing?



How do you juggle the committments of ice hockey and studying?

The key to juggling sporting and academic studies is to be organised. I am often studying on road trips.


Does sport assist you in your academic pursuits?

Sport has assisted me in my academic pursuits by teaching me important skills to help with my studies. Balancing both sport and academia prevents me from being mentally overwhelmed - each provides me with the much needed relief from the other.


Greatest sporting achievement?

Winning the gold medal for Australia in the Under 18 World Championship


What is your long-term sporting goal?

Continue to represent Australia for as long as I can.


Who has had the greatest influence on your sporting career thus far?

Interestingly enough it is my brother. We constantly competed agaisnt each other to see who was better -  a bit of sibling rivalry. This helped me improve both my sport-specific and personal skills and push to become a better player and person.


Who is your sporting idol and why?

Eric Lindros. One of the greatest NHL defensemen. He is a solid player on the ice and a class act off it.


Do you have any supersititions or unusual game day preparations?

I chew gum during warm up, that's about it.


Tell us something about you people may not know?

I lived in Canada for a number of years, playing on outdoor rinks and frozen lakes.