Student Athlete Profile - Jeremy Shelley

Jeremy Shelley





What is your Sport? 

Fencing - Men's Epee


What degree are you studying at ANU?

Masters of Laws - specialising in International Law


How many hours per week do you spend training/competing?

20+ hours


How do you juggle the committments of fencing and studying?

Prioritising – when sport is the priority I make arrangements to allow study and work to take a back seat, and when assessment and deadlines are looming I reduce my training load. 


Does sport assist you in your academic pursuits?

Absolutely. Training hard has huge benefits in terms of practicing skills like focus and concentration which directly assist my study. The endorphin boost from hard training sessions also helps in terms of optimism and confidence facing academic and challenges.


Greatest sporting achievement?

National Championship Bronze Medal


What is your long-term sporting goal?

2020 Olympic qualification


Who has had the greatest influence on your sporting career thus far?

My friends growing up at VRI Fencing Club in Melbourne, including coaches David Mok and Elli Wellings. This group of friends was what kept me going back to fencing and David’s teaching gave me the tools and insight to get where I am today.


Who is your sporting idol and why?

Evelyn Halls, two time fencing Olympian, mother and senior corporate lawyer. She is my role model and proof that even from Australia, so far from European competition and training, it is possible to achieve our sporting goals, sustain a demanding professional career, and support and family if you are smart, and bring the requisite level of focus to your preparation. 


Do you have any supersititions or unusual game day preparations?

I like to be left alone to focus, prepare mentally and go through my routine. I’m really not being rude I just don’t want to talk to anyone.


Tell us something about you people may not know?

I love my cello.