Workout Recovery and Nutrition

As we are fast approaching the warmer months, it is an opportune time to discuss workout recovery strategies in relation to what you intake. We tend to focus very critically at what we do during our workout, but what we do after the workout is equally important.

A correct nutrition recovery protocol or understanding is the key to optimising the benefits from your workout, and therefore assisting in reaching your goals. This applies whether you are an athlete or training for a healthier you. Refuelling the body appropriately supports muscle growth/repair, helps decrease core temperature, replaces muscle glycogen, rehydrates and will assist in increased performance levels.

Post workout, insulin levels are lowered, stress hormones are elevated, reductions in muscle & liver glycogen, and fluid levels reduced. If these issues are not addressed the effects can include; increased muscle soreness, extended fatigue levels and low energy. The appropriate nutritional recovery increases blood insulin levels, reduces stress hormone levels, restores muscle & liver glycogen, reduces muscle breakdown and promotes protein synthesis.

Post workout the body is primed to recover and replenish glycogen stores immediately. You need to capitalise on this opportunity and try to intake food within 30 minutes of completing the workout, and again in 2-3 hours to maximise glycogen replacement (15-30 grams of protein & 40-60 grams carbohydrates) (J Am Diet Assoc, 2009)

Eg; 25-30g carbohydrate:

·         1 cup juice or 1 large piece of fruit

·         2 slices bread

·         1 cup corn or rice

·         2 cups Sports drink

·         1 pack energy gel


Eg; 20-25g protein

·         3 eggs or 6 egg whites

·         3 cups milk

·         3 cups yoghurt

·         3oz chicken, fish, pork or beef

·         3oz cheese

·         Protein drink (range 10-45g/serve)


Get yourself into the habit of capitalising on your bodies need to recover and try looking at some of these options and reap the rewards. Your body will appreciate the effort, and give back to you.

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The Fitness Services Team