Student Athlete Profile- Maya Suzuki

What is your sport?

Ultimate Disc

How many hours per week do you spend training/playing?

12 hours

What study are you undertaking at ANU? What year of study are you in? 

5th year, Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Asia-Pacific Security

How do you juggle the commitments of playing sport and studying?

I schedule in periods of study and training quite strictly for each day.

Does sport assist you in your academic pursuits?

Definitely. It helps clear my mind and keeps me refreshed every day. If I don’t train, I find that I can’t concentrate on my study.

Greatest sporting achievement.

Within Ultimate - selection onto the Australian U24 Bluebottles team.
Outside Ultimate – 3rd in the open women’s 10km at the Canberra Running Festival.

What is your long term sporting goal?

Play a season of club Ultimate overseas in the US or Japan.

Who has had the greatest influence on your sporting career thus far?

My parents. They set an example as very active people and are supportive of my sporting life. At the same time though, they’ve always provided a good perspective on balancing different aspects of life.

Who is your sporting idol & why?

Bruce Lee – corny but his philosophy on training + life is very compelling.

Any superstitions or unusual game day preparations?

I like playing Kendrick Lamar in warm-ups + always engage in some form of mindfulness before playing.

Tell us something interesting or fascinating about yourself

I’ve trained with a Japanese Ultimate team, and played with Hawai’ian and Oregon teams in the US.

Favourite Music Artist:

Kendrick Lamar, ODESZA

If you found yourself on Masterchef and had to cook one dish to win it all, what would your specialty dish be: