2013 Award Recipients


This prestigious award ceremony recognised The Australian National University's sporting achievements from 2013, presenting a variety of awards to student athletes, ANU Sport Clubs and ANU Sport Club Administrators for exceptional performance in Sport and Recreation. 

This year the awards ceremony was held on Tuesday 29 July at University House. The MC for the evening was Mr David Pembroke, Managing director of Content Group. Guests were treated to tapas and drinks throughout the ceremony. 

A Full Blue is the highest sporting accolade that can be awarded to a student-athlete at The Australian National University and is a tradition that was based on the Oxford and Cambridge boat race.  It has since become a tradition at The Australian National University for Blues to be awarded for outstanding achievement in university sport. This award illustrates the high level of sporting brilliance at The Australian National University. Along with the Full Blue awards, there were Half Blue Awards, Peter McCullagh Achievement Awards, Club of the Year Award and the Sport Star of the Year Award (57 awards in total). The ceremony will be seen now as a milestone as one of the most significant events in the history of ANU Sport. Both the achievements of the award recipients and the calibre of the event were remarkable.

Guests at the ceremony included The Vice- Chancellor, Professor Ian Young AO, Pro Vice-Chancellor International and Outreach Erik Lithander, Executive Director of Administration and Planning Chris Grange, representatives of ACT Sporting Organisations, Head of ANU Residences, members of the ANU Sport Council, life members of ANU Sport and many supporting guests of award recipients.


An enormous thank you goes to the two sponsors of the event, Pivotal Therapies and The Coffee Grounds. Without the continued support of these two businesses the night simply wouldn't of been the same. 


A huge congratulations to those current students, alumni, club members and administrators for their commitment to sport, you did The Australian National University proud!

A booklet listing the award recipients and their achievements for 2013 is now available



Download PDF booklet of the evening here


Blue Award

  • Alexander, Danielle (Ultimate Disc)
  • Beath, Rebecca (Touch Football)
  • Buckerfield, Sarah (Rogaining)
  • Bursill, Jackson (Cross Country Skiing)
  • Caudle, Emily (Rowing)
  • Collis, Rebecca (Netball)
  • Conolan, Dylan (Rowing)
  • Domaschenz, Renae (Rowing)
  • Dow, Lachlan (Orienteering)
  • Doyle, Jacqueline (Orienteering)
  • Gilmore, Kate (Hockey)
  • Harris, Charlene (Taekwon-do)
  • Ingham, Elizabeth (Orienteering)
  • James, Justin (Swimming)
  • Maher, Miranda (Touch Football)
  • Mathews-Hunter, Daniel (Ultimate Disc)
  • Mee, Nicole (Swimming)
  • Penney, Jessica (Athletics)
  • Russell, Natasha (Fencing)
  • Singh, Raina (Taekwon-do)
  • Sukochev, Grigory (Volleyball)
  • Treffers, Benjamin (Swimming)
  • Wallace, Konrad (Ultimate Disc)
  • Williams, Jacqueline (Rowing)

Half Blue Award

  • Cornelly, Katrina (Fencing)
  • Dawkins, Mark (Rowing)
  • Forde, Alexandra (Touch Football)
  • Liu, Jim (Judo)
  • Mathews-Hunter, Benjamin (Ultimate Disc)
  • McDonald, Ailie (Cycling)
  • McFadden, Sarah (Rowing) 
  • Morgan, Ben (Rowing)
  • Nguyen, Tri (Judo)
  • Pickwick, Clementine (Volleyball & Beach Volleyball)
  • Pollard, Stephanie (Athletics)
  • Ryan, Nathan (Rowing)
  • Salmon-Krone, Hillary (Rowing)
  • Shelley, Jeremy (Fencing)
  • Tobin, Siobhan (Rowing)

Peter McCullagh Achievement Award

  • Andrews, Bonnie (Rowing)
  • Arnott, Amy (Hockey)
  • Cartwright, Jenna (Hockey)
  • Clarke, Thomas (Cycling)
  • Culvenor, Catherine (Cycling)
  • Hardy, Karen (Hockey)
  • Hart, Nathan (Cycling)
  • Manchester, Chris (Jujutsu)
  • Georg Mittermair (Fencing)
  • Murphy, Cerridwyn (Fencing)
  • Olin, Melissa (Taekwon-do)
  • Pedashenko, Guy (Taekwon-do)
  • Rickard, Daniel (Cycling)
  • Smith, Jessica (Hockey)
  • Watson, Shelley (Hockey)
  • Wright, David (Rowing)

Club of the Year Award

The Boat Club 

Sport Star of the Year Award

Harris, Charlene (Taekwon-do)