Meet the Judo Team!

Judo competition medal ceremony

The Judo club is sending a mens team of six fierce judoka to the Unisport Nationals Div 1! This year the team includes black belters Callum Webb and Sean Chow together with our seasoned fighters Fred Han, Kurt Michl, Nils Moolman and William Weber.

Four members of the team were able to fine tune their competition skills on last weekend at the ACT Titles held at the AIS. Callum and Sean picked up silver medals with Callum losing to a former Olympian. Fred won a bronze medal in his division beating team mate Kurt but lost to two black belters, one a former Olympian who won the silver medal and the winner a former Oceania Champion and current MMA fighter. All team members performed really well at the competition and the team hopes to perform equally well at the Gold Coast games to bring home the medals for the ANU!