Meet the Women's Football Team!

Women's Football team on the grass outside

Our women's football team are fierce and ready to rumble at Nationals Div 1 next week! After their second place win at last year's Div 2 competition, they're ready and rearing to take out the gold.  

This year's team will be comprised of team captain Alice McNeill. as well as Claire Eaton, Talia Westley, Emma Douglas-Oliveira, Lisa Corbett, Elizabeth Holly, Millie Moody, Tallis Everard, Elysa Graham, Lily Wade Collins, Maya Binns, Chiara Cementon, Ashlyn Pedrotti, Ina Hobson, Ellen Leslie, Bronte Hunter, Gerri Shillington and Hannah Black! 

Don't forget to follow next week's coverage to follow their progress and cheer them on!