Farewell to Caitlin Roy, ANU AFL Club President of 5 years

President Caitlin with club members Jenny and Alison, smiling and wearing club uniforms.

After five successful years as President of the ANU Australian Football Club (Griffins), Caitlin Roy has recently stepped down leaving big shoes to fill. Caitlin has contributed enormously to the Griffins and the ANU Sport community more broadly. 

Caitlin highly recommends getting involved with the administration of a club and getting into their committees: "It’s an opportunity to influence things for the better – whether it be environmental, social issues or people’s lives. Sporting clubs, especially for students, offer so much more than just kicking a footy around. Plus, it looks great on your CV!"

One of the valuable lessons that Caitlin learned during her time as presidents was "don’t sweat the small stuff. You’re a volunteer, managing other volunteers and doing the best you can. If 90% of things are going well then you’re kicking goals."

She also told us that "many hands make light work. It’s easy to burn out if you’re trying to do everything yourself – it’s not sustainable for you or the club. People will always answer the call, you just have to find a variety of ways to engage them."

Caitlin is grateful for the transformation the club has see over the last ten years: "the Griffins have always had strong core values that enable organic change, often ahead of the pack. It enabled me to be one of few female presidents in sport and I was able to challenge the status quo across many platforms."

"It’s a place for everyone – students, professionals, families, people of all abilities and backgrounds. Footy brings us together but it’s the inclusive culture, community and on and off-field camaraderie that makes it a great club."  

"The club relies on its volunteers and recognition is key. Acknowledging volunteer contributions through social media posts, awards, raffles etc. It doesn’t cost anything to say thanks. There are lots of handy resources available through ANU Sport to assist clubs with this."

What is Caitlin most proud of? "In hindsight I’m so proud of the people – seeing them develop in a personal, playing or professional capacity is very rewarding."

For more information about the ANU Australian Football Club please see: https://www.anu-sport.com.au/anu-australian-football-club. Thank you, Caitlin, for all of the incredible work you have done for the sporting club community at ANU Sport - we wish you the best of luck with your future endeavors!