Assessments and Programs


An assessment of your current fitness level and general health can be helpful in deciding the right strategy for attaining your goals. When you book a fitness assessment, we conduct a series of tests including resting pulse, blood pressure, grip strength, body composition, flexibility, and a tri-level aerobic test. We then review and discuss the findings leading to a collaboration with the client in designing a specific exercise program that suits your needs. Different goals require varied activities and qualified fitness professionals can help establish what is best for you. The instructor will then run you through your newly designed program and demonstrate how to use the equipment safely whilst demonstrating the correct technique. A consultation also allows you to ask any fitness related questions that you want answered.


Our qualified fitness professionals can design a program for your specific needs and let you take it from there. After an initial consultation, our trainers will design the program, explain the exercises, and then take you through the workout. With a personalised program in hand you are on the way to achieving your goals. Our staff are always available to answer questions, check technique, and provide further instruction. Various programs we offer contain:

  • Weight Loss

  • Body Toning

  • Body Building

  • Injury Rehabilitation

  • Sport Performance