Custom Small Group Training

ANU Sport is dedicated to promoting fit and healthy lifestyles amongst the ANU community and general population of Canberra and its surrounds.

The ANU Sport Custom Small Group Training Program was created to cater to groups looking for qualified Instructor lead classes, flexible enough to meet their group’s specific needs and requirements.

ANU Sport Custom Small Group Training Programs are individually developed to meet the needs of every group.   Whether your goals are to build up cardiovascular endurance, improving body composition, increasing strength, enhancing core stability or increasing flexibility, a Custom Small Group Training Program can be designed for you.

The ANU Sport Custom Small Group Training Program combines

  • Traditional Personal One on One Training
  • Small Group Personal Training
  • Team Training
  • Corporate Training, and
  • Private Group Fitness Classes

The ANU Sport Custom Small Group Training Program allows a flexibility of service to suit most situations.

Packages are tailored to your specific group. 

  • Number of participants
  • Frequency of Training Sessions
  • Number of Package Training Sessions
  • Location of Training
  • Training Modalities, and
  • Session Times

No minimum numbers are needed to qualify for a Custom Small Group Training Program.

Private Group Fitness Classes

The Custom Small Group Training Programs can incorporate current Group Fitness classes (both pre-choreographed and Freestyle) and facilitates sporting activities into your custom program or package. 

Group Fitness Classes

Les Mills

  • BodyPump
  • BodyStep
  • BodyBalance
  • Sh’bam
  • BodyAttack
  • RPM


  • Functional Fitness
  • Functional Activ8
  • Functional Mobility and Flexibility
  • Circuit
  • Tactical Fitness
  • Female Tactical
  • BoxFit
  • ThaiBox

*See Group Fitness Timetable for descriptions of each class.

Specialised Classes

  • Postural
  • Mobility
  • Flexibility
  • Special populations Classes
  • Adolescent Fitness

Facilitated Sports Activities  


  • Soccer
  • Touch Football
  • Tennis
  • Ultimate Frisbee


  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Futsal
  • Squash
  • Badminton

All Group Fitness Classes and Facilitated Sports Activities are available in multi session packages or as one off special events.

Custom Small Group Training sessions are available throughout standard ANU Sport Fitness Centre operating times and are subject to facility and instructor availability.


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Corporate Fitness Centre Memberships

Talk to us today about the benefits of Corporate Fitness Centre Memberships.

Membership at the ANU Fitness Centre includes access to gym facilities and group fitness program.

The Fitness Centre

  • Main Gym
  • Functional Training Studio
  • Cardio Theatre
  • Strength and Conditioning Room
  • Group Fitness Program