How to Enjoy Your December and Stay Fit

How to enjoy your December and still stay fit.

Finally, the month that most of us have been waiting patiently for has finally arrived! December is here and so are the Christmas, Boxing Day, Hanukkah and New Years parties! It is time to celebrate with family, friends, friends of friends, your neighbors who you haven’t talked to all year for good reason and honestly anyone who is looking to celebrate. However, before you start attending an insane amount of Christmas parties this month, what about your health and fitness goals? Do they just go sit on the back-burner so you can enjoy yourself this month? Turns out, it is not that difficult to enjoy your Christmas parties this month while keeping up with your health and fitness goals.


Here are some tips you can try and follow:

  1. Keep exercising. Just because your diet may not be perfect this month, that doesn’t mean that you stop working out. Remember, you will still burn calories from exercising regularly and this will help keep you in shape as you will be consuming larger portions this month. In fact, for better results, exercise for 10 minutes extra to burn more calories and make room for the extra calories you will be consuming.
  2. Do not think that you are solely responsible for finishing everything you see on the table. Control your portions! It is a common thing to overeat when you are eating with other people. One easy way to avoid large portions is by using a small plate instead of a regular one. This should help you avoid any unnecessary overeating.
  3. Another way to avoid overeating is to not go to parties hungry. Consume a healthy snack before going to control your appetite and reduce the temptation to overeat. A healthy snack can consist of some fruits, low-fat yoghurt, protein bar, nuts or maybe a salad.   
  4. There is plenty of alcohol in the world and you do not need to finish it all in one sitting. Take it easy with the drinks because large amount of alcohol consumption can have negative effects on your metabolism. Make sure you are alternating your drinks with water because water helps maintain your metabolism and helps flush out toxins from your body.
  5. And don’t forget to stay hydrated! Christmas here in Australia is not quite the same as we see in Hollywood movies because we lack snow and the weather here is much hotter. So, make sure your drinking enough water regularly.  


And there you go. These are just some basic tips you can easily follow because we are not saying that you need to avoid something completely. Rather, just control what you consume and exercise regularly. By doing that, you should still be able to keep up with your health and fitness goals while being able to enjoy yourself this month!