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Discover what gym and group fitness options we offer, familiarize yourself with our programs and learn more about our vast  range of facilities hire options on campus. All that and much more are available in the FAQs below.

Should your query not be covered below, please contact us at sportatanu-sport [dot] com [dot] au or visit us at ANU Sport on campus.


ANU Sport Information


Is ANU Sport Open to non-students?

The biggest and long-standing myth about ANU Sport is that we are only a student gym and facilities hire organization - this is NOT true.

It is true that our primary focus is to provide an exercise and wellness services for all students on campus.

However, we have a dedicated and growing community of ANU staff, alumni and many members of the general public who use our services daily.

In short, everyone is welcome at ANU Sport - whether its to use the fitness centre, join a club, book a tennis or basketball court, or partake in a short course or community event.


What services does ANU Sport offer?

There are six main areas of the organization:

1. Fitness Centre. Consists of our large gym areas and multiple group fitness rooms.

2. Facilities. Want to hire a facility to play your favourite sport - ANU Sport is the only complete solution on campus or in the Inner Canberra area. You can hire sports ovals, indoor halls, tennis courts - you can even hire our facilities for corporate events like Christmas parties etc.

3. Get Active. Provides short courses and well-being programs for students and non-students.

4. Social Sport. A great way to meet people through sport on campus, as well as a super-cheap way to play your favourite sport with friends.

5. Representative Sport. We offer opportunities for students to represent ANU at the highest level like the UniSport nationals and Intervarsity sport. This is also the place to check on ANU sports scholarships.

6. Clubs. ANU Sport has 33 affiliated sport and recreation clubs. Check out the clubs section of this website for more details.


Where are we located?

ANU Sport is located on campus at Building 19, North Road, ACTON ACT 2601.

The easiest access is via Barry Drive - and for your convenience, parking is provided nearby at the Willows Oval car park.

ANU Sport's close proximity to the main Civic bus interchange also makes public transport a feasible option to visit us.



Is ANU Sport Covid-19 compliant?

ANU Sport, working in conjunction with the Australian National University and the ACT Government, constantly update our Covid-19 Emergency Plan.

At any given time, we adhere to all ACT Government health mandates regarding social distancing, the practice of good hygiene and maximum occupancy.


What are our opening hours?

Our Fitness Centre, Indoor Sports Halls, Outdoor Ovals, tennis courts, squash courts operate on the following regular opening hours:

MONDAY-FRIDAY 6:00am-10:00pm

SATURDAY-SUNDAY 8:00am-7:00pm

PUBLIC HOLIDAYS 9:00pm-7:00pm


How to I contact ANU Sport to ask our using your services?

ANU Sport can be reached via email at sportatanu-sport [dot] com [dot] au, this email account is monitored and we will reply as soon as we can.

You can also call our main reception desk at (02) 6125 2273.

You can follow us and keep up to date on all the latest events, activations and promotions at our FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM pages (@anu.sport)


Fitness Centre (Gym)


ANU Sport offers one of the largest gym and group fitness spaces in central Canberra.

We offer excellent value memberships and casual rates to ANU Students, staff, alumni, clubs members and the general public.

For your convenience, membership includes access to both group fitness and the gym areas.

There are more than 30+ group fitness classes each week, including the legendary LES MILLS classes like BODYPUMP and RPM.

Check out the 2022 gym pricing HERE

The latest group fitness schedule can be viewed HERE 







ANU Sport has 33 affiliated clubs that anyone (students or non-students) can join.

Find out more HERE


Sporting Events





To assist us in maintaining the health and safety of our members, if you attended the ANU Sport Fitness Centre or a Group Fitness Class in the past two weeks - and are deemed a 'close' contact by ACT (or any other state or territory) authorities - please contact us if you have been confirmed with a COVID-19 diagnosis. 

If you have tested positive for COVID-19, please write to us at sportatanu-sport [dot] com [dot] au and list the details of when you attended the Fitness Centre to allow us to report this to the relevant authorities. 

We also urge you to inform the ANU Community Wellbeing Team at CommunityWellbeingatanu [dot] edu [dot] au, by calling +61 2 6125 3346 (option 1) during business hours, or calling ANU Security outside of business hours. For general COVID-19 information and how it might affect you, please visit https://www.anu.edu.au/news/all-news/covid-19-advice