Interhall Sport (ISO) Spotlight: Meet Austin, Ashy, Jenny & Aditya!

Interhall Sport (ISO) had a successful year with sports competitions running all throughout the year in each term. ISO is an extremely engaging and fun competition, and it is also responsible for bringing people together. This year, the ISO competition had numerous people competing and supporting their colleges/halls. In this massive crowd, there were some people who made the competition even better with their positive attitude and involvement with the competition and its people. Here are some those people who stood out in more ways than one.


Austin Bird - Griffin Hall



"ANU Interhall Sports has made my university experience. It is how I got involved in my hall, met some of my closest friends and what pushed me to join sporting clubs in and outside ANU. I have had the opportunity to play every ISO sport with some highlights being; finally winning the Ultimate Disk grand final after 3 years, finishing Road Relay and IB, and having every other hall cheer us on in the Touch Football grand final. The community support behind ISO is like nothing else, with crowds being bigger for an Interhall match than many external national finals I have seen. Interhall sport is important to me as it offers a much-needed break from study. The history and competition that ISO has created over the years, it makes you feel included in something bigger than yourself. This is extremely motivating and help you give it your 110%, whether you are playing for first or last place." - Austin


Ashy Kinsella - Griffin Hall



"Interhall Sport (ISO) not only allows you to get involved in new sports, but it also helps engage students with their peers in their respective halls (especially first years), something that is difficult outside ISO. Personally, I’ve met so many people from playing sports for Griffin Hall this year. I think having ISO games are a great way to get involved in sport (especially more niche sports) in a very non-committal way. Who knew I liked table tennis and badminton as much as I did. Thanks ISO!

The best moment of the year was being part of the Griffin Hall Table Tennis team, and somehow making it to the semi-final after expecting to come dead last. And then winning the ‘Best & Fairest’ award for a sport I had never really played before was pretty cool too. It was just a fun environment and I had some great chats with people from other halls over the course of that comp." - Ashy


Jenny Cheng - Wright Hall



"I love the camaraderie fostered by ISO competitions, and it’s also a great way of getting to know ressies that you wouldn’t otherwise chat to. My favourite thing about ISO this year was the AFL 9’s competition. We came 5th with a team that had never played before. I loved seeing the girls give it their best shot, get around each other, and our improvement from the first to the last game was simply phenomenal! Playing sports is a great way to de-stress for uni students. For me, it’s a form of self-care and I always find myself better focused after my exercise-induced endorphin rush." - Jenny


Aditya Tandon – Ursula Hall



"It is an honour for me to have been awarded the “Men’s Table Tennis Best and Fairest 2019”. I feel extremely fortunate to have been part of the ISO games. Being part of the games gave me an opportunity to meet people from different parts of the world, belonging to different cultures and using different techniques and strategies. It gave me an opportunity to test my skills against other top players across ANU. This motivated me to work hard to get better and accomplish even more in future, therefore helping me in my overall development." - Aditya


A big thank you to these people and everyone else who was a part of the ISO competition this year! 

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