2022 Black Mountain Battle Review

3 images of people playing sport (basketball, ultimate disc and volleyball) on orange background

RECAP: ANU and UC clash in the 2022 multi-sport Black Mountain Battle!

ANU Sport was pleased to start off the university year with our annual Black Mountain Battle intervarsity sporting event against the University of Canberra (UC). Held over two jam packed days of sport on 31st March and 1st April, the events went ahead with almost a full complement of sports this year with 9 of the 12 sports being played.

DAY 1 – Thursday 31st March, ANU

Day 1 of the Black Mountain Battle saw ANU hosting Basketball, Football, Futsal, Hockey, Netball and Tennis. Unfortunately, UC were unable to string together a team for either of the Men’s and Women’s Futsal and Hockey matches, as well as the Women’s Football not getting enough students to hit the field from either university. Despite this, the other matches kicked off with all guns blazing!

ANU was dominant in the Basketball again this year, showcasing the talent of our students with both the Men’s and Women’s teams taking a convincing win. Both matches were competitive with the scorelines being close in the first half, but ANU ran away with it in the second, seeing the Men taking a 67-50 win, and the Women a whopping 80-45 win. The Netball is historically competitive between both ANU and UC and that was no different this year. This was also the third year of introducing Mixed Netball to the event, however despite the competitiveness displayed by both teams, it was UC that dominated the court taking a 34-18 win in the Women’s, and a 57-11 win in the Mixed match.

Moving outside, the Men’s Football didn’t get off to a great start with ANU playing undermanned for the first 15 minutes giving UC the opportunity to take an early lead. As the players started trickling in, the match evened out, but the lone goal from ANU was not enough. UC claimed the victory for the second year in a row with a 5-1 win. Heading down to the South Oval Tennis Courts, the Tennis teams played a mix of singles and doubles matches. ANU managed to rotate fresh between 12 students, however UC had a tough outing with only 4 students playing across the various matches. ANU almost had a clean sweep winning 6 of the 7 matches.

Day 1 ended with both universities on 3 points, setting up for an exciting second day at UC.

DAY 2 – Friday 1st April, UC

Heading up the road for Day 2 of the Black Mountain Battle, UC hosted Badminton, Squash, Table Tennis, Touch Football, Ultimate Disc and Volleyball. Unfortunately, ANU was unable to get any representation for Squash, and the Women’s Volleyball was unable to go ahead with both universities falling short.

The weather took a turn Friday morning which proved to be very challenging for the Ultimate teams trying to navigate the wind. In what seemed almost impossible conditions to play, both teams not only showed their athleticism on the field, but their intelligence in using the wind as an advantage. Throwing it well off the field towards the carpark and boomeranging back into the end zone for ANU to score, was more than impressive to watch. With the match going over time to golden point, ANU walked away with the 11-10 victory. The Touch Football is another sport that showcases the competitive rivalry between the two universities and the trophy going back and forth. UC were almost unable to string a team together and were not feeling confident with the lack of experience in their group, but it came down to the wire with ANU just sneaking over the line in the dying minutes with a 4-3 win to keep the trophy for the second year in a row.

Out of the wind and back indoors, Badminton and Table Tennis were in action with matches going across the two courts in a variety of singles and doubles formats. After UC took out their first win in the Badminton in 2021, ANU was determined to regain the trophy. It was close amongst the various matches however ANU walked away winning 5 of the 7 matches. Table Tennis has been dominated by UC the past two years, but it was ANU that took a clean sweep winning all 9 matches. Last year saw another one for the Black Mountain Battle record books with ANU having its first win in the Men’s Volleyball. The talent seems to be rising amongst the ANU students who dominated the net winning the best of 5 sets in a straight sweep!



Sport  Competition Score Winner
Badminton Open 5-2 ANU
Basketball Men 67-50 ANU
Basketball Women 80-45 ANU
Football Men 5-1 UC
Netball Women 34-18 UC
Netball  Mixed 57-11 UC
Table Tennis Open 9-0 ANU
Tennis Open 6-1 ANU
Touch Football Mixed 4-3 ANU
Ultimate Disc Mixed 11-10 ANU
Volleyball Men 3-0 ANU




After two competitive days of sport, ANU can reclaim the Black Mountain Battle shield for 2022 being the overall winners with 8 wins to 3!

Thank you to our frenemies at the University of Canberra for another year of fun sporting rivalry! A huge thank you to the ANU team delegates for getting the teams together, and to our ANU students that participated showcasing their enthusiasm and sportsmanship in every match!

Jesamine Wheeler
ANU Sport
Sport Coordinator – Representative Sport