ANU x UC Summer Connections

Image with three panels. The first has people playing soccer. The second panel has people doing yoga, and the third has someone playing lawn bowls

NEWS: Free sport for students throughout January 2021

With many students choosing to remain on campus this summer, ANU Sport is partnering with UC Sport and ANU Summer Connections to offer free sport for students this January. These programs are designed to help students maintain a healthy lifestyle by keeping active, as well as to support their mental health by offering social events to make friends at.

We’re offering free yoga, soccer and lawn bowls throughout January, hosted on campus and near ANU. Registrations are required to attend:

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Hosted on the lawns of University Avenue, our Free Yoga class will provide a relaxing beginners’ class for everyone to enjoy! Running on the 7th of January, kick off your day with a 9:30am class and stay active.
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If you’re looking to have a run around and spend time with some friends, Free Social Soccer is for you! We’ll be providing a session from 3pm-5pm on the 14th of January at UC.
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Here’s an excuse to meet some people and hang out at The RUC Turner Bowls Club! Free Lawn Bowls is running on the 21st of January from 4pm to 6pm, so come past to meet some people and stay active.
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