Fast Fitness: Box Jumps

person squatting on top of box

What are you trying to achieve?


Box jumps are an increasingly popular activity in gyms worldwide… They’re fun, empowering and can be done with friends or alone.

Most of all – they’re clearly ‘measurable,’ which means gym-goers often confuse jumping onto a higher box with making larger gains.

But there’s one question for box jumping newcomers need to ask themselves – what are you ultimately trying to achieve with this activity?

Jumping onto a higher box with major knee ‘bend’ is no better than jumping onto a lower box with straighter legs.

So what’s the solution? The goal should be on raising your CENTRE OF GRAVITY as high as possible – NOT on how high the box is.

Try it out for yourself next time you’re box jumping at ANU Sport – and improvement will follow.


This article was brought to you by ANU Sport’s affiliated personal trainer Adrian Faccioni (Fatch Fitness). 
Adrian specialises in Core, Speed & Power development and can be contacted directly on 0417 290 854 for a gym consultation

WHAT:  Box Jumping

WHEN: During all facility open hours

WHERE: ANU Sport Gym

NOTE: Different gym apparatus work different muscles, so do your research on which machine best suits your training goals. 

DISCLAIMER: Please consult your doctor if you have any medical conditions which may impact your ability to exercise OR begin a gym program.

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