My First Time... At Tactical

Image with man crossing his arms. Arrow points to him saying "Han, Tactical", and text on top says "My first time at Tactical". Background is blue, grey and yellow stripes

SPOTLIGHT: Han tells us about his first ever Tactical class

Welcome to the “My First Time…” series! I’m Ria and I cover all things social media at ANU Sport. Like you, I’m moving through my fitness journey, trying to find the work out that works out for me. Through this series, I’m hoping to share insights and learn about the classes we offer. We can get to know the group fitness instructors and learn about their first time attending the class they’re now teaching. Hopefully by the end of this, we’ll know what to expect so we can be prepared, comfy and excited for our first time!

Here's Han!

I’ve seen Han around a lot. He’s regularly on shift as a personal trainer and is always willing to help me out. Han has a very focussed energy and is willing to let me bother him while he’s working at the PT Help Desk.

To get started, I ask my usual intro question: Who are you?

“I’m Han and I’ve been teaching tactical here for almost a year. I’m a personal trainer and my specialty is bodybuilding and sports performance.”

When I ask about rates and hates, Han laughs, “I’ve answered this before”. It turns out my fun and quirky questions are becoming dated, but he’s kind enough to answer it anyway, “I love bodybuilding, I love carbohydrates and cheat days.” Han says he hates “dieting and cheat reps.”

We get into it: Tell me about your first time.

“First time for a tactical class was a pretty long time ago. I was a participant and I joined a tactical class and I thought everything was too easy.”, Han is serious, “I was wrong.”

“Tactical is pretty energy-demanding. Another mistake I made was I had a really heavy breakfast before tactical that made me feel like I was going to puke.” He laughs, “That’s really the wrong thing to do before a tactical class”.

I ask how he felt after that first class, and Han leads with an enthusiastic, “It felt great!”.

When I query it, he laughs, “Wait not really, it didn’t feel great, I’m lying. After class I’m dying. I was dying.”

“I wanted to challenge myself so I was planning to do a second class, but then I didn’t. I wasn’t brave enough.”, he jokes. Nonetheless, Han tells me he became a regular tactical-goer, enjoying it immensely.

We get into what a tactical class looks like, and Han explains, “Participants will learn the basic moves. That’s my short-term goal. In the long term, I’ll build up your strength, build up your performance, so you can have that practical Tactical strength”.

In terms of specific moves, Han tells me to expect kettlebell swings, “We use them pretty much every class. Kettlebell swings will build up your core strength, plus – glutes, hamstrings, strong back. For performance, it’ll build up your cardiovascular capability.”

Lastly, I check if he has any tips and tricks to get the most out of my first tactical class, and Han is friendly, “Just be relaxed. Don’t compare to anyone else because anyone else in that class is used to it.”

He also reminds me to reach out if I need help, “Follow the instructors, they’re all friendly. They are all willing to show you the moves so don’t be shy. We’ll show you how to do it.”

Han is super helpful, and I think I might head to a Tactical class soon!

Tactical runs on Monday at 5:30pm, Tuesday at 7am, Thursday at 7am and 12:15pm, Saturday at 9am and 10:15am, and Sunday at 10:15am.

You can find our full group fitness timetable here