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Yoga has undergone a dramatic revamp at ANU Sport with a half-dozen new classes now available.

The restructuring of the ANU Sport yoga program is themed - 'YOGA FOR ALL.'

By embracing each instructor’s yoga style, we have forged a new standard in inclusiveness with everyone – from beginner to advanced - catered for at each class.

Come join us for a memorable yoga session at ANU Sport!

Here is a brief description of each of the six new yoga offerings in 2021:

  This class includes all groups of asanas: standing, twists, forward bends, backbends, inversions, and restorative poses. Props are used and adjustments are made to accommodate each participant individually. The sessions build on the knowledge from previous weeks, using an approach that is both intellectual and physical, with participants feeling both energised and rested at the end of each session.

  For a Hatha yoga practice cycling monthly through different postures each week, plus mindfulness traditions, bringing symmetry and balance. Through an structured cycle, this class focuses on increasing strength, flexibility, mobility, lowering stress, improve mental focus, and makes you feel good.

 For a practice that focuses mainly Vinyasa and which involves a flowing/continuous pattern of movement through different core strength building poses and standing postures. This class focuses on breath control and how to feel and be body conscious. The practice opens with breath work and may conclude with guided meditation.

 For a practice that uses a combination of styles of Yoga including Hatha, Vinyasa flow and Yin poses, smoothy transitioning between them throughout the class. This class focuses on integrating movement with the breath, stretching of muscles and relaxing of the mind.

 For a practice that transitions through Yoga poses in a slower, calmer, manner but still challenges the mind and body. This class focuses on balancing the energies of mind and body, brining relaxation, and mindfulness benefits.

 For a practice that uses a combination of dynamic flow, strengthening and mobilising techniques with conscious breathing and mindful awareness and relaxation in a comprehensive practice that aims to improve strength, balance, mobility, and body awareness while reducing tension, stress, and poor postural habits.


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