Bubble Soccer

Bubble Soccer


Bubble soccer is now available at ANU Sport! Grab a bunch of friends or maybe a group from work and get on board with this new and exciting sport.

We have a total of 10 bubbles available, games are played indoors and can be either 3v3, 4v4 or 5v5. Minimum booking is for 1 hour, though you can play as many games in this time as you like.

Bookings can be made by completing the BOOKING FORM and emailing it through to ANU Sport at Noah.Johnstone@anu-sport.com.au. Enquiries can be made via email or phone on 6125 7001. All booking must be made at least 14 days in advance.



There are very few rules with bubble soccer, just some simple safety rules you will need to follow. If you wish to apply your own soccer rules you can, however the match will need to be self-refereed!

§  Do not bump into anyone that is more than 5 meters from the ball.

§  Must wear enclosed shoes at all times (if outside – no studs).

§  No jewellery, watches, sunglasses. (Make sure you empty your pockets too!)

§  Corrective glasses are not recommended, as it is a contact sport.

§  Do not bump into players who are already on the ground or in close range to goal posts or walls.

§  There are no boundaries, however if the ball goes out of reach please wait for a staff member to collect it and throw it back into play.

§  If participant is in bubble they must be on field of play, if you are subbed out you must take off the bubble.

§  When subbing move off the field of play before taking the bubble off.



Bubbles Initial Hour Additional Time
6 - 10 Bubbles $285 (Staff & Field Hire Included)*

$65 for extra 30 minutes

$105 for extra 1 hour

The bubble soccer waiver must be signed by each participant, this from can be downloaded HERE or provided on the day of the booking.


*Participants must be 13 years or older or a minimum of 155cm.
*General Members may be charged additional fee for insurance.