Disc player shaking hands with official

And that's a wrap on UniSport Australia Nationals Div 1 for this year! Thanks for following along with us: here are some of our final results...

ANU Boat CLub mens & women's 8s

We've got a massive team of ANU students looking to represent the Owls in rowing at Nationals Div 1!

On the water, you can expect to see Sam Barrett

Women's Football team on the grass outside

Our women's football team are fierce and ready to rumble at Nationals Div 1 next week! After their second place win at last year's Div 2 competition, they'

Judo competition medal ceremony

The Judo club is sending a mens team of six fierce judoka to the Unisport Nationals Div 1! This year the team includes black belters Callum Webb and Sean

ANU Tennis Team

Having brought home gold last year, our Nationals Div 1 tennis team are absolutely ready to bring it this year to defend their titles!

Competing for

Talia playing soccer

Talia will be going away to Unisport Nationals Div 1 in only a few weeks to compete with the Women's Football team!

"My favourite thing about