5 Healthy Tips for the Holiday Season

It’s that time of year again. Christmas holidays are less than a month away and is at the forefront of our minds. We often associate the ‘holiday season’ with gifts, family holidays and, of course, an overindulgence of Christmas ham, pudding and alcoholic beverages. The food coma often lasts for a week just in time to do it all again for New Year’s. But why do we throw our healthy eating and exercise habits out the window? You certainly don’t have to. So we have come up with our top 5 tips to staying fit and feeling healthy come 2015:

1.       Continue to exercise - Just because the in-laws are in town or you are heading down the coast for Christmas, doesn’t mean you should disregard exercising completely. Yes, it may be more difficult, but if you can’t find time, you’re coming up with excuses. Whether you like to exercise alone or with others, there is plenty of opportunity to get active. Get the family outdoors for a game at the park, a walk around the lake or a swim at the beach. To get your kids active, look at giving them a Christmas present that promotes physical activity eg. New runners, bike or sporting equipment. If they are interested in video games, how about a Wii Fit?

2.       Easy on the booze – We all know that the bottle shops are most popular during the Christmas and New Year (silly season for some) period than any other time of year. Champagne for breakfast, beers at lunch, a couple glasses of red with dinner… and don’t forget the nightcap. Yes, it is a celebration. But this does not mean you have to go overboard. Try to keep tabs of how much alcohol you are consuming and break it up with some soft drink or water. After all, we don’t want you waking up with a sore head the next day.

3.       Nutrition – Watching what you eat over Christmas is never an easy thing. When endless seafood, meats, lollies and pudding is put in front of you, it’s hard to hold back. Don’t deny yourself of this food, but be prepared to say ‘no’. The key is to balance your meals with a healthy mix fruit and vegetables, and remember to portion control.

4.       Kick a bad habit – Let’s face it, we all have bad habits. Some worse than others. But no matter how big or small, they can be overcome – with time of course. When it comes to staying fit and healthy, you certainly want to kick the bad habits early. You might have a poorly balanced diet, sit on the couch too much, fail to socialise with others, or even hit your alarm clock to snooze in the morning (guilty). But not to worry, this holiday season it’s time to kick the habit. Set achievable and realistic goals and see it through. Whether you want to give up smoking or lose 10kg, make this your new year’s resolution. You will not only become healthier and stronger, but your mental wellbeing will skyrocket.

5.       Enjoy the time off – Sometimes Christmas can be a taxing time of year, particularly on the wallet. This year look to share the load. Relax and make time for YOU. Switching your brain off is essential to rejuvenating your body and mind. Trust me, you’ll be better for it. Your purpose will be clearer, and goals are more achievable.