ANU Quidditch Club

Quidditch is a real world adaption of the sport from fantasy series Harry Potter that first made its appearance over a decade ago in universities in America. It quickly spread across the globe and is today one of the fastest growing sports internationally.

Quidditch involves two teams of 7 players (3 Chasers, 1 Keeper, 2 Beaters, 1 Seeker). The chasers and keeper try to score goals by putting the quaffle through one of three hoops (worth 10 points) while the beaters try to knock players out of play by throwing bludgers at them; the seeker’s job is to catch the snitch (worth 30 points) which also ends the game.

Quidditch is a co-ed full contact tackle sport that focuses on gender equality and sportsmanship. No previous experience is required. The ANU Owls compete regularly against other teams and universities throughout NSW as well as in Melbourne. Playing in interstate tournaments and state championships as well as running intra-ANU events, the club is focused on engaging people with competitive sport.

How to get involved:

Club Contact: Logan Davis - anuquidditchatgmail [dot] com


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