Lunchtime Sport: Mid-Season Report

Lunchtime Sport

Mid-Season Report.

Much like the recent weather in Canberra, things are heating up in Lunch Time Sport. The majority of our competitions are turning from lunch time to crunch time with the finals series just around the corner.Ultimate disc has two very interesting battles going on. “Burgmann” and “Hedley Bulls” are battling it out for 1st position with one point separating the two and the arm wrestle for a top four position continues with only a win separating 3rd and 6th. The 6-a-side soccer competition sees “Arsenil” and the “Balotelitubbies” sitting atop the division 1 table. Whilst across the oval in division 2, it seems that “One Foot in the Groin” have one foot in the door of Lunchtime success with four wins out of four matches played. Meanwhile, in the comfort of the ANU sports halls, “Tekkerslovakia” and the “Honey Badgers” are going off like raw prawns and both sitting atop their respective pools. Over in the hotly contested Touch competitions, “Pigs with Rigs” and “Sexual Chocolate” are tied for 1st in Division 1 with a looming clash on the 9th of October set to decide top spot based on current form. Over in Division 2, the “Trihardists” and “Boiz Night” are replicating the Division 1 setting in a tie for first. Last but certainly not least, Lunchtime Squash is making a racquet while it increases in popularity and doesn’t look like hitting a wall any time soon. Wai Wong and Chao Wang are leading Division 1 with Niclas Spaeker and Tae Park leading Division 2. Regardless of what sport is being played, it still remains, Lunchtime is the best time of day and sport is the best thing in the world.


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