Meet Anthony: A member of our community for 40 years!

Man holding a coffee cup in ANU Sport t-shirt

Anthony has been a member of the ANU Sport Fitness Centre since 1979, and attends the Fitness Centre multiple mornings each week. Anthony worked previously as a registered nurse at the Canberra Hospital, but suffered a serious fall which resulted in a broken ankle, carpal tunnel in both hands, and ongoing severe back pain and mobility issues. He now uses crutches to remain mobile.

Whilst limited in some areas, Anthony believes that there is a lot to be gained from exercising in whatever ways he can. He recommends that anyone who has a physical disability attempt to remain fit, in whatever way is achievable, as he has seen the benefits that physical fitness has had on management of his own disability.

Anthony believes that attending the gym is great opportunity to meet new friends, and while the staff are helpful, he appreciates the independence that ANU Sport provides him. He is especially grateful to Brett, the ANU Sport Fitness Centre Manager, for his work in making the building more accessible to him!

Anthony has travelled extensively in the last few years, including a river cruise from Amsterdam to Budapest in 2011, and to North America. He also travelled to Egypt where he was assisted to ride a camel and climb the pyramids! He says that his capacity to travel and maintain good health is the result of the incredible health professionals that support him, and his committed fitness routine at ANU Sport.

Anthony is a highly valued member of our community, and we’re appreciative of the time he took to speak with our Inclusion Officer, Holly, about the accessibility of the ANU Sport building and the ways that we can better serve members of our community who have a physical disability.

To help members like Anthony who require specialty access to easily use our facilities, we’d like to remind members not to use the disabled parks near our building, unless they hold a valid pass.