Student Athlete Profile - Caleb Antill

Caleb Antill



What is your Sport? 



What degree did you study at ANU?

A double degree in Commerce & Science 


How many hours per week do you spend training/competing?

Approximately 30-35 hours per week


How did you juggle the committments of rowing and studying?

The most important thing is good organisation, once you get into a good routine it’s easy to stay on top of everything


How does sport assist you in your academic pursuits?

I think sport gives me a good grounding in life by giving me concrete goals and events to work towards, making it easy to handle the other things going on in my life


Greatest sporting achievement?

Being selected into the U23 Australian Rowing team this year 


What is your long-term sporting goal?

Win Olympic Gold


Who has had the greatest influence on your sporting career thus far?

My coach at the ACT academy of sport Andrew Randell has had a huge influence on my sporting career; he has been tough but fair over the past year and a half, which has pushed me to find my potential. 


Who is your sporting idol and why?

It’s hard to choose but Stephen Bradbury is one of my favourites. He’s a shining example of what can happen if you back yourself when no one else will. He encompasses the underdog spirit and achieved something no Australian had ever done before.


Do you have any superstitions or race day rituals?
No real superstitions because they can be dangerous, so I like to keep things very simple. Just listen to some grime from Skepta, Stormzy and Dizzee Rascal
Tell us something interesting or fascinating about yourself?
My nickname is Cactus