Student Athlete Profile - Cara Grzeskowiak

Cara Grzeskowiak



What is your Sport? 



What degree did you study at ANU?

I'm studying a double degree B. Economics/ B. Science (Mathematics)


How many hours per week do you spend training/competing?

Roughly 20-25 hours per week


How did you juggle the committments of rowing and studying?

I dedicate Saturday afternoons and Sundays (my day off) to studying, and catch up online whenever I can’t make lectures. For competitions I read ahead and try to turn in assignments early so that I don’t have the extra pressure during racing, but will take books with me in case there’s an afternoon off. 


How does sport assist you in your academic pursuits?

Rowing’s helped me develop the perseverance and focus required to understand a subject and approach exams better. However, the most valuable aspect of doing sport whilst studying is that it provides balance to prevent one from becoming too overwhelming. 


Greatest sporting achievement?

Bronze in the Interstate Women’s Single Scull and making the U23 team. 


What is your long-term sporting goal?

To make the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Australian Team.


Who has had the greatest influence on your sporting career thus far?

My coaches and training partners for helping me make the most of the opportunities that came up and installing a love of sculling. 


Who is your sporting idol and why?

Canberra’s lucky to have so many past and present senior team members around as role-models, including Kim Brennan and Hannah Every-Hall, I admire both for their sporting success, training ethic and achievements outside of the boat. 


Do you have any superstitions or rituals?
Triple checking every bolt on my boat and oars, I may not be able to get them undone after but I’ve never had them come loose in a race!
Tell us something interesting or fascinating about yourself?
I helped paint a Three Billy Goats Gruff themed mural in my college maths classroom with clues leading to a hidden maths troll question board.