Tom's Life Changing Experience @ ANU Sport

Tom Davis became a member of ANU Sport in 2013 weighing in at 108.5kg - it was time he kicked some old habits and got into shape. Less than 24 months later, he has lost over 20kg and looking/feeling healthier than ever.


Measurement Results in 2013 Upon Sign Up Results as at Feb 2015
Weight 108.5kg 88.5kg
Chest 117cm 108cm
Waist 119cm 86.5cm
Hips 115cm 98.5cm


Tom started off with a personal training program under the guidance of our Group Fitness Coordinator, Sarah Buckthorpe. During this time, Sarah ran him through a number of high intensity circuit activities including: prowler and sled pulls, boxing and kickboxing, hill sprints and technique sessions. Every 2-3 months Tom would have a fitness test to realise his improvements, including a Bodyfat Analysis. It became an ongoing component to Tom's training regime. He also monitored his daily activity using a Fitbit and tracked his nutrition intake. As he became fitter and stronger, Sarah added more and more activites to his program, making sure it was dynamic and added variety.


In March of 2014, Tom had a bike accident that left his shoulder dislocated. Sure enough it meant surgery and out of action for 12 weeks. Nonetheless, Tom did not just give up all his hard work. Although a slow recovery, he was determined to do his rehabilitation twice a week until his shoulder was strong enough to continue training. At this stage, Tom's routine had reached a plateau state and he soon realised his improvements were diminishing. Swimming was suggested, and since then, Tom has not looked back. He has been swimming, running and cycling outside of his weekly gym routine.


Tom is now competing in Novice triathlons, boxing and thaibox classes, working on his physio and personal training once a week. ANU Sport would like to congratulate Tom on his achievements and wish him all the best his future competitions.